Invitation cards

You'll be spoilt for choice from classic to modern designs. If nothing matches your wish, we have your own special design made and delivered in a matter of a few days. Let us deal with your stationery matters.

Hair and make-up

The hair of your dreams will not only be styled the way you wish, but it will stand the test of challenges on your big day. The same can be said of the perfect make-up. The most important thing is that you feel beautiful, comfortable and should never worry about tears and kisses, your make-up will resist them all.

The best tunes

Whether you like a band or a Dj, we make sure that the whole company will be dancing on the ceiling. You can choose from an impressive collection of demos to make your wedding unforgettable in terms of entertainment as well. We bring you the best performers availabe.

Wedding MC

A wedding mc is the Master of Ceremonies at the wedding reception. Think of him, or her, as the puppeteer who pulls the strings, the one who makes things happen. The main duty of the wedding emcee is ensuring the wedding reception flows.

A good Master of Ceremonies cultivates three important qualities: self-confidence, preparedness, and ability to roll with the punches.

'Once in a life time' specials

Entertaining your guests does not end with having music. Treat them with a show that is as memorable as fun. From fireworks to professional breakdance shows (featuring world champions), or a viewing of a video clip with your best pictures and favourite tunes to a surprise first dance with the two of you. Sky is the limit, but not in prices, if you leave it to us.

Your wedding movie

Your wedding DVD will make the only record of your day in motion picture, therefore, it is crucial you have the highest quality available. Our professionals will make a movie to be pruod of the rest of your lives. Check out our demos, there are breathtakinlgy good.


All You Need's photographers have the experience in weddings, the best possible shots are quaranteed with them. The wonderful thing is that phtotgraphy is both their work and passion. Our reference pictures speak for themselves. The basic package contains 200 picutres on a CD, selected and photoshoped from the best moments from the start to the very end of your day.

Wedding venue

Where you say 'I Do' is perhaps the most important decision you will make in the lead up to your wedding day.
There is lots to consider when searching for your perfect wedding venue, and once you have found it there is lots more to do to ensure you get the venue booked for your wedding day. Once you have it secured, you can then turn your mind to preparing your venue for your wedding day.

Shall we dance?

Once you had your fiancé escort you to a dance lesson, you'll both see it's worth it. There's only one roule to keep to: leave your stress at work and have fun. If the applause of your guests or the happy tears of the mother-of-bride still won't convince you, the fantastic pictures and video certainly will. All you need is a patient and supportive dance teacher. We have the right professionals, you have the stamina .

Wedding Decorations

Create the perfect fairy-tale wedding, as you design, create, and dream up wedding decorations for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception.
From conservative pew bows, chair covers and candles, to exotic centre pieces and floral arrangements, let your imagination go wild as you work with a professional wedding decorator to complete your ultimate wedding day vision.
A popular topic for brides and grooms is maintaining the wedding theme or design in weddings, and this can be done with the help of unique wedding reception decorations, table decor and design.

Wedding Catering and Food Services Caterer

Let the feast begin! The reception meal and dinner is a main component of weddings, as it is in any large event. A great meal and finger foods showcases your appreciation to the wedding guests. Food services and caterers must be timely, quality and offer choices for the modern bride and groom, and must accomodate the wedding theme.
When considering the dinner possibilities, there are a few different factors which the couple should keep in mind in order to secure the best caterer possible for the big day.

The wedding cake

The family's favourite flavours in a beautiful 'packaging'. Your wedding cake simply has to be perfect both inside and outside to thrill everyone and show amazing in your album. Have a look at our catalogue and lose yourselves in pure indulgence.

Wedding Transporation

Wedding transportation involves more than simply arriving to the ceremony. There are many modes of transporation to weddings - horse drawn carriage, stretch limos and more. so think carefully about the transport that will ultimately deliver you to the church on time and your new husband.

Entertaining the little ones

Having children at a wedding can seem inviting and kind, it can also be a nightmare!
Kids will be kids and they need stimulation! Do yourself a favour and keep them entertained!

Honeymoon Planning

After the biggest day of your life (your wedding day) is over, and all the planning and preparation is behind you, you will want to spend your first few weeks of married life with your partner in a place where you can relax.
Whether you decide on a Pacific Island Getaway, a European Vacation, or somewhere in Australia be sure to indulge in some much needed pampering. Enjoy a massage, a drink at the bar with your partner, or a quiet mid-night swim as you begin your new life together

Wedding Favors Ideas

Offering elegant and unique wedding keepsakes is the bride and groom's way of thanking their special wedding guests and family for attending the ceremony and reception. By matching your wedding favors with your wedding theme, the results can be simply stunning and show your guests your personal style and flair for unique favor ideas on your special day.

Wedding website

The Wedding Website is a wonderful way to create your very own multi-page website that covers every aspect of your wedding and more.
Sharing the photos with friends by other means can be very time consuming. With online wedding album websites, you just call or email them your wedding site.

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